Jackson's Music Store Rental Purchase Plan Terms And Conditions

General Terms
This Is A Musical Instrument Rental Plan With Option To Purchase. The 2 Month Introductory Rental Fee Is $4.00/Month On Most Instruments Rented Between July 1st And October 30st. Instruments Rented Between November 1st And June 30th Due Not Qualify For The Introductory Rental Offer. The Rental Price Is The Instrument Manufacturer's List Price Plus Sales Tax. All Of The Rental Payment Goes Toward The Pay Off Of The Instrument; No Interest, Fees, Or Hidden Charges Ever. The Maintenance Fee Covers Most Repairs Of The Instrument.

Instrument Return
The Instrument May Be Returned At Any Time Without Penalty Or Additional Fees. The Renter Is Financially Responsible For Any Outstanding Rental, Maintenance Fees, Late Charges, And Damage To The Instrument. The Rental/Purchase Contract Will End When Jackson's Music Receives The Instrument And Any Back Charges.

Option To Purchase
This Is An Instrument Rental Plan With Option To Purchase. All Of Your Rental Payment Goes Toward The Optional Purchase Of The Instrument. Purchase By June 1st Following The Initial Rental Period And Receive 35% Off The Remaining Balance. Thereafter, 25% Off The Remaining Balance Is Always Available. You Do Not Have To Take Advantage Of These Early Pay Off Discounts. You May Continue To Rent The Instrument And Will Own The Instrument When The Total Of Your Re
ntal Payments Equals The Rental Price Of The Instrument Plus Sales Tax; Approximately 36 Months On Most Instruments.

Maintenance Plan
The Maintenance Plan Is $5.00 Per Month And Covers Repairs To The Instrument To Keep The Instrument Playable. Repairs Include These Things: Replacement Of Pads, Corks, And Springs, And Straightening Bent Keys On Woodwind Instruments; And On Brass Instruments, Removal Of Stuck Mouthpieces And Slides, Repair Of Small Dents On Trombone Slides And Trumpet Valves To Keep Them Functioning Properly, As Well As Replacement Of Water Key Corks And Springs. It Does Not Cover The Loss Of Parts, Repair Of Discoloration Of The Instrument Or Keys, Or Removal Of Cosmetic Dents. The Renter Is Financially Responsible For These Things As Well As Damaged Or Lost Parts.

Late Payment Remedies
A $5.00 Late Fee Will Be Charged If Your Account Becomes 10 Days Past Due. At 40 Days Past Due, Jackson's Music Will Charge The Delinquent Amount To Your Credit/Debit Card. At 60 Days Past Due, The Contract Becomes Null And Void And Every Effort Will Be Made To Recover The Instrument And All Delinquent Charges. By Accepting These Late Payment Remedies, You Are Giving Jackson's Music Store Permission To Run A Credit History With A Third Party In An Attempt To Find Your Address.

Credit Verification
Jackson's Music Requires Credit Verification For Instrument Rental. By Accepting These Terms And Conditions, You Are Giving Jackson's Music Store Permission To Verify Your Credit History With A Third Party.